The streaming platform for racket sports

MATCHi TV provide your players with a powerful streaming tool that enhance the racket sports experience.



By connecting your venue to MATCHi TV, you enable your players to stream, watch and learn how to improve their game. You can easily stream live events at your venues - all to spread the joy of racket sports.

  • Stream live events at your venue

  • Premium content with MATCHi TV Studio

  • Players can stream all their matches

  • Showcase your leagues

  • Use streams for training purposes

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Streaming made easy

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Buy or connect an existing camera

Flexibility matters. That's why you can decide for yourself if you want to buy a new camera or connect an already existing one to MATCHi TV.

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MATCHi TV Studio

Schedule streams for events, competitions, local division games, and much more ahead of time with MATCHi TV Studio. It's never been easier.

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Digital coaching tool

Take your coaching business to the next level with our powerful video coaching tool.

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Free event streaming or PPV

Provide viewers with free digital access to your events or use our pay-per-view functionality.

Public live streams

A player can start a live stream in just a few seconds by scanning the QR code at the court.

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Get the MATCHi TV Arena tool to show streams on a big screen at your venue.


Pick the right plan for you

Buy or connect your camera. Decide if you want to sign up for 12, 24 months or choose to be more flexible.

Own it yourself


  • From 25 €/court/mo

  • * Buy the hardware at for one-time cost
  • * Start-up fee included
  • * Pay a smaller monthly licensing fee
  • * 3 coaching licenses included
Using your own camera


  • From 25 €/court/mo

  • * Connect your own camera to MATCHi TV
  • * Access to the entire MATCHi TV software
  • * 3 coaching licenses included
  • * Start-up fee from 500 SEK/camera

Create powerful productions with ease

Broadcast and manage all types of competitions, games and even add commentary to streams with MATCHi TV Studio. Build your brand, increase your partner's exposure, and raise player engagements in your arena.

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A complete streaming experience

Ever wondered what the MATCHi TV experience is all about? See what Mike Yanguas has to say about it.

Customer testimonies

Enhancing the racket sports experience with a powerful streaming tool across hundreds of venues.

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For a long time, MATCHi TV (previously Padelgo) has been an appreciated feature at our venue. It is used by everyone - from recreational players to competition players - and gives the player another reason to choose us as their preferred venue.

Oliver Trulsson Padelcrew
Oliver Trulsson
Venue Manager, Padel Crew Rännarbanan, Sweden
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It has been a real success since we launched MATCHi TV at our venue. We can really see that many players greatly enjoy the possibility of being able to stream and view recordings of their matches. It's great fun for both our guests and us!

Philip Stærmose2
Philip Stærmose
Venue Manager, PadelPadel Odense, Denmark
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We started using MATCHi TV about six months ago and have received a very positive response from our players. We have also used the streaming platform during our competitions & league games, which has been appreciated by those from home.

Emil Växjö mindre
Emil Holmgren
Venue Manager, Växjö TS, Sweden


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